SupremeBeing – Men’s Repeat Zip Hoodie


Reversible hoodies are so cool. You get two for the price of one and invariably they are also warmer and I like that. SupremeBeing is a brand out of the UK and it’s a favorite of UK and US rappers. It’s rumored that kanye West loves SupremeBeing hoodies. This black with a repeating line pattern and it’s lined in a blue and white contrast print. A full length zipper, kangaroo packets, and drawstrings complete the picture. Get this hoodie from

Tokidoki Smoke Pearl Hoodie


Tokidoki! gives us a new look for hoodies with a double layer long sleeve hoodie with poofy sleeves on the outer layer and barbed-wire patterned thermal black sleeves underneath. The look is further embellished with Tokidoki!’s signature logo snap buttons, black/white drawstrings with logos and a hoodie pocket with a devilish girl. You’ll stay warm and look hot is fabulous hoodie from

Tankfarm Bradford Reversible Hoodie in Plaid

Tankfarm hoodie

Doesn’t this hoodie look scrumptious? I can see my man wearing this on a Saturday as we stagger to the diner, clutching a Times and thinking coffee, coffee, coffee. It’s trimmed in a mocha brown and the inside is lined with a mocha colored jersey that has a swirly screen-print on it. The inside reads 2008 while the outside reads 1957…that windowpane plaid in shades of blue, brown, green, and yellow and it looks like its mellowed to a rich softness. You can click over to to pick this up.

Harajuku Lovers Halter Hoodie

 Harajuku Lovers Training Halter Hoodie

This has to be the first halter hoodie I’ve seen. It comes with a heaping helping of Japanese fun since it’s heather grey fabric is features an anime “Training Camp” collage complete with adorable anime athletes. Harajuka and their Fatal Attraction to Cuteness design team certainly deserve a gold medal for this one-of-a kind look. Click over to to purchase this.

Blue Print Hoodie


For all of you who dream of architecture or maybe just really like Michael Scofield’s tattoos in Prison Break. This blue fleece hoody is screen-printed with a blueprint graphic. It features drawstrings, a front, full length zipper and a signature IF zipper pull. Designed by the Imaginary Foundation, who are:

a think tank from Switzerland that does experimental research on new ways of thinking and the power of the imagination. They hold dear a belief in human potential and seek progress in all directions. The small clandestine team is headed up by the mysterious “Director” a 70 something uber intellectual who’s father founded the Dadaist movement. Avoiding direct publicity the team has sought streetwear as an unlikely vehicle for bringing their ideas beyond the academic realm and into popular culture.

I’ll admit that sounds pretty profound for a hoodie but I do like the design. Click on over to the Imaginary Foundation and see more of what they’re up to.

The light of the Green Lantern!

green lantern hoodie

Sometime next year we’re supposed to be getting a Green Lantern movie. But while waiat until then to get your truth and justice on DC Comics style. Even if I wasn’t a Green Lantern Fan I’d love the clean graphics and great colors and esign on this zip-up hoodie. Check out the hood, it’s got a mask attached and when you wear the hood up you can wear the eye mask….so awesome!

I highly recommend you click over to to view this funny video of two guys demonstrating the Green Lantern Hoodie…it really is funny.

Morning Breath Is Awesome


This hoodie is designed by the artist Morning Breath and it’s bright fuchsia pink skull will certainly grab the attention of anyone who sees you coming. The graphic on this pull-over hoodie features a background collage of print and images from tabloids and the skull’s teeth have letters on them that spell out Morning Breath.

This hoodie is available at the Upper Playground Store.

Mega Pixel Dots Hoodie

.mega pixel hoodie

I found this excellent hoodie over at and I think it deserves some attention.

Designed by the UK artist collective TADO it features 100% cotton French terry soft-printed in pixels. It has a full length zipper, bright red-orange drawstrings, and ipod pocket and button holes. The hood is lined in a printed fabric that has the red-orange, an azure blue, and some yellow. A limited addition of 270 so grab the mega pixel while it’s available